Miami Metroplex

First Run !

First Run

This is the first gathering of this group of shadowrunners. I will give a brief overview of the players before we get into what happened.

*Arby – This a dwarven street samurai, who seems awfully fond of chewing people apart with his machine guns and assault rifles. He seems to have little regard for the living, and possibly less for law encforcement and corp rights.

*Taco – This is an elven adept generally focused on speed and movement. He also is a sniper of sorts, and has a more tactical bend for his actions. His english is poor though, so he had trouble getting his ideas and abilities explained to the others.

*Mira – This is an agorophobic female elf that the others have only seen through a vid screen. She seems to be quite the hacker, but not so good a pilot. She seems to have a handle on browsing the matrix though, and provided several bits of information for the group, including some floor plans and camera spying.

*Hobler – This albino troll seems to be a mixed bag. He is fairly strong, but seems to prefer using a nerve strike to incopacitate his enemies instead of attacking them outright. Additionally, he found himself in a poker match without any gambling skill or bluffing ability. He coincidentally lost all his seed money.

On to the run itself…

Each character was called by their fixer to meet a particular Johnson at a seafood resturaunt to talk about a possible job as extra security for a gamling tournament coming up. They met the Johnson, who identified himself as “Mourice” over lunch. He explained this match would have alot of high rollers with known criminal contacts and wanted the characters there to support a particular player he was sponsoring. He offer the players 500Y to provide support for this player, and provided the neccessary information on where to meet and the details of the match. The names of the other players were avoided, as this might not be a legal tournament.

Upon picking up the “gambler”, the players identified he was a very laid back party dude. He did however seem aware there was going to be the game that day, so onward they went to the Espurito Santos hotel and spa. The hacker was able to find out this was a legal business owned by the Carlos mob, and there were occasionally legal matches held here, but no further information on todays match could be found. The street sam noted the Carlos mob had a number of legal businesses around Miami, and most of them were fronts for other activities.

Not wanting to go through valet, Arby parked down the street and everyone walked from there to the entrance. The entire team failed to hear the sounds of motorbikes speeding towards them, and as such took a hail of bullets from two machine pistols riding on Rapiers. There was a third chopper, firing a large pistol as well. Thanks to some brave and tactical cover provided by Hobler, the gambler survived this attack, but only by the hair of his teeth. The remainder of the group quickly returned fire, and although some incidental damage was taken, the group proved too much for the gangers who fell dead in front of the hotel. A closer inspection by Arby led to finding a gang tatoo, identiying these as the Los Reyes. A quick search by Mira discovered these guys to be very violent, and related to the drug trade in Miami. Emergency first aid was applied by Hobler, which was appreciated by the gambler. During this first aid, he noticed the invitation to the tournament, and after looking it was address to " the bearer of this pamplet". Since the gambler seemed unable to continue, the troll took the seed chips and the invite. It was left to hotel security, which presumably was part of the Carlos mob, to clean up the mess and call an ambulance.

The characters proceeded to the poker tournament, with the big white troll taking the role of the gambler. The security in the penthouse was 4 black clad full trnech coat wielding humans with shotguns and a cold stair. Additionally, the game seemed catered with a wet bar for the security each player had. Hobler was able to use some luck at several critical times to get an early pot which was fairly large. His lack of any real skill however, showed as he continually lost for most of next 5 hours as his stash got less and less. It was clear however, that one human player was winning the lions share of the hands. Eventually, a different player called him out as a cheater, and the game became really tense, as the backup teams all drew arms, as did the tournament security. Just as it looked like a bloodbath was imminent, the winning player spoke up, singled the troll out as having played with him before in other tournaments and would vouch for his credibility. Thinking quickly, Hobler spoke up for this player which seemed to calm the situation and avoid the gunfight that might have been. This left hobler asking himself why he was singled out, as he had never seen this guy before. After a few more hands, Hobler eventually lost all his chips to the winner as well. He did however notice, as the winner raked in the last pot of winning he singled out one chip in particular, which was placed in his pocket and not cashed out. The winner also seemed appreciative for the vouching, so he tossed a 500Y chip back to Hobler as thanks.

Content with having done the best the could, avoiding more wounds and even getting a few free drinks, the group retired for the night. Meeting “Mourice” the next day for lunch again, he payed them the other half of their promised rate, and asked them to explain their side of what happened. Satisfied with the explanation, he thanked them for continuing the match since the gambler could not. When Hobler asked about the chip that was not cashed him, the entire group was sternly advised to forget everything about that part. Quickly taking the hint, the group as a whole never mentioned it again. Instead they asked for additional work, maybe something that pays more.

“Mourice” had such a job, but it was a last minute job for an extraction from a nearby island. The players almost lost this job opportunity, as they were not ready to leave immediately. Thanks to some speedy driving by Mira, they were able to gather their gear and make the deadline. The job was to take “Mourice’s” speedboat out to the island, locate and extract a particular female scientist. Arby was able to pilot the boat fairly well, and even avoided some rocks that were added the this island to make water access more difficult. No name was given, but several photos for identification were provided. Upon reaching the island, the group scouted the island, initially seeing several beings on the third floor, as well as several guards in the front of the build and one on patrol. As Arby infiltrated from the beach, he unknowningly triggered some pressure sensors scattered around the middle ring of the island. He was able to reach the side of the building, but the motion sensor brought a patrol guard over the the remainder of the group still on the beach head. Hobler was able to quickly incapacitate him with a nerve strike, and bind him so he could not escape. Mira took some additional time, and was able to locate the hidden nodes for the sensors, and triggered several around the island to distract the guards, allowing Hobler to join Arby at the building. Taco drew his sniper rifle and skirted the perimeter, planning to provide cover fire and support should it be neccessary.

With a couple climb checks, the pair were now on the roof, and found a hatch secured by a wired maglock. Lacking any knowledge of hardware, the two instead decided to pry the hatch open. Several good pulls later, they broke it free and gained access, but this again set off another alarm. Arby and Hobler noticed there were several heat sources in a nearby room, and invesitgated there first. Alerting Taco that a fight might break out, he took aim at the guards outside hoping to snipe them before they could rush into the building. Upon opening a door marked “Laboratory” the two were met with stun batons by two security guards. One connected with Hobler but was unable to bring him down. Hobler retaliated with a nerve grip, reducing that guard to a paperweight holding the floor down. Arby immediately placed his SMG into the chest of the second guy and splattered the wall behind him, leaving a bloody mess at the doorway. After checking the room, aside from a number of computers neither of them knew much about, they noticed a dark piece of bark suspended in a glass tube near the center of the room. Hobler found some gloves, and a capsule to keet the bark in for the time being, but what this might be is anyone’s guess.

Upon hearing the engagement, Taco proceed to drop one of the guards immediately, but missed his second shot. The two guards had not heard the internal fighting at this point, so instead decided to charge the sniper, hoping to close on him before he could get any future shots off. This proved a failed plan, as Taco was able to drop both but not before one was able to spot and send a burst his way. Sustaining minor damage, Taco then advanced to the building for additional support options. Back inside, Arby and Hobler located another door nearby, and was able to hear guys talking about defending this position and not letting the intruders capture “her”. Mira was able to bring her drone into the hallway, in case additional firepower was needed. Arby failed to kick the door in, and the guards inside prepped for the incoming attack.

Arby and Hobler both kicked the door together, which left the door wide open with a big white troll standing in the doorway. Both security guards opened fire, and Hobler took several shots. These would have dropped a normal man, but Hobler was tougher than most, and was eventually able to step out of the doorway. Mira piloted her drone in the door, and laid down supporting fire and Arby tossed a flash grenade into the room. Mira managed to drop on of the guards Hobler hit before he moved, and the remaining guy tried to toss a grenade out into the hallway in a last ditch effort to cause the attackers some serious damage. This proved a really bad plan, because he was blind and tossed it straight into a wall which bounced the grenade back at his feet. The shrapner tore the security guard apart, and the blast even tagged Hobler and caused some damage to the drone as well. Arby was able to duck behind a wall and avoid any serious wounds.

Inside the room, they found a female wired into a computer system. With no wireless access, they finally just unplugged her and ran. This left her in a state of disorientation, confusion, and a severe migrane. The escape was fairly easy, it seems this was a small detachment and didn’t bear the full security a corp was rumored to have. They called “Mourice” who told them a dock to deliver the female to. although not at the docks, a thug handed each of the characters a credstick for 750Y. They left the boat at the dock as instructed, and split for the night.

Their goal is hopefully to find more information about what just happened, and maybe to find a buyer for this black piece of bark they found. This may prove difficult, as they’re currently not sure what they have, if it’s anything at all.

More next session…



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