First Run Notes

These are the results form the first session.

  • Each character earns 6 Karma for the entire session. This is for 3 on the first run, and 3 on the second run.
    *Each player was paid a total of 1,250Y for completing the runs successfully. Hobler made an extra 500Y from a tip after playing the poker tournament. Arby made an extra 500 from selling 2 ceska black scorpions, an ares pred4, and two violators to his black market contact.

The group as a whole stole a piece of what appears to be black bark from some sort of tree.

GM Notes: Definetly a lack of any social skill at the table. Lack of magical support, and weak perception from 3 out of 4. Solid combat presence. It was an interesting first run.

The goal for next session, is to find out more about the bark and hopefully find a buyer. Unless they find you first…

First Run Notes

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