The Miami Metroplex is a unique sprawl in the world of 2072. In a world dominated by AAA Corporations, Miami has very little influence from them. Instead, it’s jammed full of A and AA Corps trying to break through and acquire more resources. It also happens to be a major trade route for everything in the Gulf, Carribian League, and CAS. It also has some shipping arrangements for Africa and Europe as well. This location has led to a hot bed of piracy and corruption. Smuggling is a major issue in Miami, which has attracted the attention of numerous gangs, several mafia groups, the yakuza, and even a triad or three.

All said, Miami offers those are have the desire and ability to move up,, improve their station, and maybe get filthy rich in the process…or get torn apart as others move themselves up.

This shall be the story of a small band operating in the shadows, and well see if they leave their mark on Miami or just a blood stain on the payment.

Miami Metroplex